Jonathan X. Cote’s Ideal City

To find out more about New Westminster Mayoral and City Council candidates during the 2018 municipal elections, we asked them one question: what does your ideal city look like?

Jonathan X. Cote is running for Mayor, and this is his answer:

Diversity is the key to building an ideal city. Cities that are able to be welcoming homes to people of all ages, all demographics, and all income levels are in my opinion the cities we should be striving to build. To build this kind of city, we need to ensure that there are adequate housing options to meet the needs of a diverse population. We also need to build our cities with inclusivity in mind. We need to make sure our public spaces and facilities are accessible and welcoming to all. If we are able to achieve these goals, the results can be beautiful and lead to community connections that can make a city stand out both socially and economically.


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