Nadine Nakagawa’s Ideal City

To find out more about New Westminster Mayoral and City Council candidates during the 2018 municipal elections, we asked them one question: what does your ideal city look like?

Nadine Nakagawa is running for City Council, and this is her answer:

Connected. Beautiful. Compassionate.

A community where people feel welcome and valued. Where we have processes that encourage respectful dialogue and that generates new ideas and better understanding. My ideal city is boldly moving beyond sustainability towards regeneration.

My ideal city is built on the basis of reconciliation, diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion and one where the elected representatives reflect the community. It is a city where people have a right to housing, where residents make space for those whose voices are less often heard, where community members are connected with the local government and with each other. Where we listen.

It’s a city alive with public art, festivals, and music. Where creativity is valued and embedded within the community. A place that is livable for everyone.

This ideal city is possible, it’s within our grasp. Let’s keep going.


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